The Finnish National Filmography

The Finnish National Filmography documents the history of the Finnish feature film since 1907, the premiere year of Salaviinanpolttajat (”The Moon Shiners”). The following factors have been taken into account in forming a comprehensive summary of each film:

  • information on cast and crew
  • specifics of production and screening history
  • synopses
  • reception (press)
  • location and scoring information
  • commentaries, essays
  • The general trends of Finnish film production are further discussed in special essays covering one decade each (currently only available in Finnish).

    The online version of Suomen kansallisfilmografia (the Finnish National Filmography) is based on the long-term fact-finding and research project started by the Finnish Film Archive in the early 1980s. This original work resulted in a 12-volume encyclopedia, The Finnish National Filmography, covering the years 1907-2000.